Are You Looking for an Easy to use Church Website Builder?

We have all been given the wonderful task to spread the Word of God. From the preaching of God’s faithful servants of the past up to the present, the fervor and dedication shown by believers has not let up.

New technology brought about a change in the manner of spreading the Word of God. Though radio and television are still effective in a way, the thrust for online churches is proving to be more effective in ministering to the flock, so to speak. If your physical church still has no online presence, a need to build church website is imminent.

People of all races, genders, religious affinities and beliefs have access to the Internet on a 24/7 basis. People no longer have to stay in front of desktop computers to access the net. There are laptops and mobile phones for people to go online anytime, anywhere - the wonder of WIFI technology! What better way to minister to the world than the through the Internet?

Online Church, the Way to Go

If your church still does not have a website, you need a church website builder to start your online church. For starters, we can give you the opportunity for your church to have its presence felt on the Internet.

Pastors, ministers, deacons, deaconesses and other church volunteers have found the value of taking advantage of the Internet. A church’s Ministry will explode as more will be able to easily access an online church. Build a church website in a jiffy! Take advantage of Discount Church Website’s FREE offer!

Steps to Make a Church Website

Your church can have a professional looking website built for FREE.

  • First, sign up to create an account. There is a need to submit the name of your ministry, church or organization and validate the submitted email account. Once validated, you may go to step two which is the actual church site builder process.
  • Choose from the more than 3,400 church templates, each one unique in its own right. No duplication as we will simply add your content for customization. Choose the text and images that will best represent your online church. From the list of features available, add the ones that are needed by the online church to function as its best.
  • View the new church website online!

Build a Church Website

It is easy. Anyone with a basic knowledge in operating a computer – copy and paste, point and click – will be able to build a church website without much hassle and fuss. Discount Church Websites has a team of qualified software designers who specialize in websites exclusively for churches and ministries. Some of the functions and options available are:

  • Audio/ video streaming and podcasts
  • E-mail blaster
  • Prayer request form
  • eCommerce store with payment options
  • Blogs and discussion forum
  • Marketing tools
  • Photo album
  • Survey Polls
  • Online Donations
  • Secure pages for “for your eyes only” content
  • News Headlines and more!

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